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Professional Resume - Notion Template

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Carefully crafted, beautiful resume templates to help you get your dream job.

Wherever you might be in your career, you need a Resumé that stands out.

Recruiters are looking to find the best talent for the job, so recruiters want your resumé to be:

• clean and elegant

• easy to understand

• honest

You want to be the perfect candidate for your dream job, so You also want your resumé to be:

• informative

• inviting

• true to you

• easy to edit

This Notion template is ready-made for you to check these criterias above, and get one step closer to your dream job.

With the FREE version you get

2 versions of an aesthetic chronological resume

monochrome and colored layouts

beautiful in dark and light modes equally

If you are looking for more than the 2 chronological options, then there is the Premium option:

2 versions of an aesthetic chronological resume

2 versions of an aesthetic functional resume

2 versions of an aesthetic combination resume

guidance to choose the perfect option for You

one-click adding of pre-made blocks to expand your resume

optimized to be opened and viewed on smartphone

I really hope that this template will help many of You, find your dream jobs!


How to download the template?

Open the link, then click the “Duplicate” button on the top right corner to duplicate the template to your Notion workspace.

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out or send feedback to

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A timeless resume package, customizable to your personality.

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Professional Resume - Notion Template

12 ratings
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