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The Solopreneur Toolkit

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The best time to start an online business is NOW.

Finding the best tools to build and manage your solopreneur career can be overwhelming as there is an endless amount of resources out there providing some kind of solution for your needs.

This template is a curated collection of the best solutions for any solopreneur out there.

In this FREE template you will find 100+ battle-tested tools and resources, perfect for your business to succeed.


No-Code Tools

Nowadays you don’t need to know how to code to start an online business

Whatever product or service you decide to create or build as your business, the best tools needed for you to succeed are on this list.

Visual Tools

Presenting your product the right way is crucial

Use the power of AI, or utilize the highest quality mockups on the internet to showcase your product in the most appealing and inviting manner.

• Notion Resources

Notion is one of the most versatile software out there

If you need a place to manage your business, streamline your ideas and have a day-to-day task list, Notion is the obvious place to start. Endless customization and integration options.

• Twitter Tools

If you want to build an audience, Twitter is the place to go

Twitter has great, supportive communities for solopreneurs, where you can grow with others, share thoughts and gain exposure for your products.

Consistency and great copywriting can do wonders - this what these tools are here for.

• Websites for Hiring

Though you are a solopreneur, some things are better outsourced

These websites are the best to start hiring professionals for smaller tasks that are not part of your expertise.


How to download the template?

Open the link, then click the “Duplicate” button on the top right corner to duplicate the template to your Notion workspace.

Still have questions?

Feel free to reach out or send feedback to

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The Solopreneur Toolkit

34 ratings
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